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About the Park

Városliget is a public park in Budapest, Hungary. In 1985 there were plans to have the Hungarian Grand Prix in the heart of the city. Városliget had its history in the Hungarian car and bike racing, there were races there in the 1950s years, so it looked like a good idea. But the government of the capital raised its voice against the Grand Prix so the organizers decided the build Hungaroring...

Unfortunately we don't have the layout of the 1955s track (in fact we are very lack of any informations about those days' racing in Hungary), so the track was built on the plans of the 1985s layout. (The picture is taken from the 1985 #19 issue of Auto-Motor magazine).

Városliget - track layout from 1985

See satellite view in Google Maps.
See Wikipedia page for more info about the park itself.


A few screenshots — taken from the replay.

Városliget screenshot #1 Városliget screenshot #2
Városliget screenshot #3 Városliget screenshot #4
Városliget screenshot #5 Városliget screenshot #6


· Városliget track (beta) with installer
· Demo lap in a BRM P261 – lap time: 2:07.721

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The track is still in beta state. If you experience any problems please post a message in the related forum thread at Sim Racing Mirror Zone

Alternative program covers. Click on image for download.
BAPOM cover Jani

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Credits & Contacts

Track was built and designed by Fejes Gábor (Gabo) @ bengalas freemail hu
Track was tested by the Hungarian GPL Masters.

Thanks to Sergio Loro for his encouraging words. :)

Városliget screenshot #0

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